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10 Surprising Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

Leeza Zurwick


Why do so many of us think that breakfast is an expendable meal? People who wouldn’t dream of missing lunch or dinner regularly miss breakfast. Here’s what a Harvard study found about breakfast skippers. 

1. you are more susceptible to heart disease

the study found that men who skipped breakfast had a 27% higher risk of heart attack and disease

2. you are more likely to get diabetes

another Harvard study found that women who didn’t eat breakfast had a 30% increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes

3. you may be more likely to gain weight

mostly because when you get really hungry, you’ll tend to eat anything and eat a larger lunch

4. your metabolism may slow down

your body stops working to compensate for calorie restriction, not burning calories and storing fat

5. you may get stupid

the brain needs glucose and a longer fasting state overnight can affect cognitive function

6. you’ll get “hangry”

missing breakfast can make you grumpy because the drop in blood sugar from missing a meal can make you irritable, fatigued and headachy

7. your energy will dip

you’ll feel sluggish and not have the stamina for your exercises

8. your breath will stink

eating breakfast stimulates saliva and helps scrub your tongue of bacteria which has collected overnight

9. your cortisol levels may increase

this affects your adrenal glands and may cause chronic stress

10. you may develop chronic inflammation

your body may have difficulty switching the source of fuel from glucose to fat and vice versa, possibly leading to inflammation and a greater risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity

At Happy Gut, we are strong supporters of breakfast and recommend having probiotics with your first meal of the day. Water kefir, fermented coconut cream yogurt and fermented nut milk smoothies help to set your gut up for a good day of digestion and nutrition.

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