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I was afraid to open my second ferment of water kefir this summer because it would fizz and explode all over my kitchen, but now I open it and it’s completely flat. Did I kill my grains?



Unless the grains are gone away completely, they are never dead. That is why water kefir grains have been able to withstand centuries of being handed down from person to person.



  1.  Those water kefir babies of yours are just that. Babies. They hate being cold. The nights are cooler and our furnaces are not quite running yet. It’s the time of the year where you put on a sweater because it’s cold in the house but it isn’t warm enough to fire up the furnace yet. The key to the water kefir fermentation process is WARMTH. I find that the best place to get great fermentation results is on top of the fridge. It gives off the heat to help the fermentation process.
  2. Leave your first and second ferments for 48 hours instead of 24. This allows more sugar to be eaten by the grains and provides more CO2 for the fizz process.
  3. Make sure you add some sort of fruit juice to the second ferment. The water kefir liquid turns the sugar from the juice into CO2.

Numerous clients have mentioned to me that they don’t like carbonated drinks. That is the beauty of water kefir. You get the same health benefits whether you do a second ferment or not. The second ferment is just for getting the natural carbonation. The first ferment is where all of the probiotics, vitamins and minerals are produced. I personally make two kinds of water kefir. The flat one for my morning smoothies and the fizzy one to drink while I make dinner. I must say that I still haven’t gotten the cold that is going around like wildfire. I strongly believe that water kefir saves me from getting every bug that is going around.

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You’re immune system will love you!



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