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Do you struggle with the winter blues?

It hits me every January like a  5 lb. brain weight and just sits there.

I would just rather sit and scroll through Instagram all day and night.

Mindless entertainment.
I want to eat warm, ooey, gooey comfort food and have someone else cook because god knows that I don’t feel like moving off the couch.

Laundry is piling up, house is a mess and I still haven’t put it back together since the Christmas decorations got put away.

To be truthful, they made it into the Rubbermaid boxes but the boxes are still sitting outside of the storage room.

Apparently they don’s stack themselves.

Go figure!

In all honesty, I am a person who is always on the move and when this winter blues thing hits me every January, I make my family wonder what is going on.

Sound like you?

Apparently it’s not our fault.

Statistics say that 25-35% of Canadians suffer from the winter blues and about 80% are women and 20% are men.

Here are some strategies that I implemented this morning.

I went and moved the furniture and turned my coffee table into my desk so that when I look up, I can see outside and have the snow reflect some brightness into my eyes.

Not like that is going to cure my blues but a change of scenery might.

I took out my diffuser and added the Saje essential oil called Liquid Sunshine into it.

Of course our new kitten Pixie loved the new room arrangement.

She was right in there trying to catch the diffuser steam. LOL

Into my cup I poured a bottle of vitamin B rich Happy Gut water kefir and with breakfast I took 4000 IU’s of Vitamin D and a B complex.

I am going to dig out my light therapy box and start using it every morning.

Even though I do positive affirmations and listen to positive meditations every morning, it still doesn’t take the 5 lb weight off my brain. 🙁

The only thing that gave me relief was when I was driving over the Salmo/Creston last week and the sun was shining. I opened the windows in the car and drove with my head out the window like a sheep dog.

It felt so darn good!

The minute I drove back into the clouds, the brain weight immediately returned.

One other tip that I read was that tryptophan is very helpful for the winter blues so turkey will have to be the lunch meat of choice for a while.

I absolutely hate this funk and it happens every year!

If you have any tips to share or just want to vent how winter blues effect you, I would love you to hear from you.

Another couple of weeks and this too shall pass.

Hang in there folks,

Leeza 🙂



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