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Spiced Rum Apple Ginger Water Kefir Cocktail

This simple yet tasty libation is a breeze to make and extra tasty. SPICED RUM APPLE GINGER WATER …

Blackberry Sage Water Kefir Soda Recipe

This beautiful drink combination is the perfect marriage of tart and earthy. The tart and sweet blackberries give …

Happy Gut in Castlegar News

Read about my pitch on Dragons’ Den in the Castlegar News. See the full story here.

Happy Gut on Dragons’ Den

We’re so excited to announce that Leeza’s Happy Gut pitch for Dragon’s Den will be airing as part of …

Leeza Pitches for GoodSpark

Happy Gut has been selected as a candidate to receive additional financial or in-kind investments and other resources …

Apple Rosemary Water Kefir Soda Recipe

This Apple Rosemary soda recipe is a tasty and a simple way to flavor your own homemade water kefir. …

What are the Probiotic Strains In Water Kefir?

Water kefir is one of the best dietary sources of probiotics available and may contain up to 40 different beneficial …

Apple Ginger Water Kefir Soda Recipe

Apple ginger is a healthy combination that will you help you fight off unwanted sicknesses. This is a …

Blackberry Peach Ginger Water Kefir Soda Recipe

This blackberry peach ginger recipe is a tasty way to flavor your own homemade water kefir. You can use …

Pear Cardamom Water Kefir Smoothie Recipe

Add beneficial live probiotics to your smoothies with our First Ferment water kefir. We’re loving this combination with fresh pear, coconut …

How To Store Water Kefir Grains

One of the beautiful things about water kefir culture is that it adapts to your lifestyle. You can …

Cantaloupe Lemon Basil Water Kefir Soda Recipe

There is nothing like the flavour of a juicy, ripe cantaloupe. It also lends nicely to water kefir …

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