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How To Double Your Water Kefir Grains

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Water kefir grains are like children (hence the name babies). You can guide them along but they are still going to do things their own way. My full time job as a Master Water Kefir Brewer is to mass produce water kefir grains in my grow op. I have tried every method that I could … Continued

Water Kefir Brewing Tips For Guaranteed Success

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Welcome to the miraculous world of fermentation! When I embarked on the adventure of making water kefir, I was gifted some grains and sent on my way with a few notes. I began doing research online and I couldn’t find anything definitive to go on. Through trial and error and numerous fails, I finally came … Continued

The Best Water For Water Kefir Fermentation

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Let’s take the confusion out of this one once and for all! Water kefir grains need minerals to survive and thrive and benefit from water sources with higher mineral content. With that said, if the mineral content is too high, the grains can begin to disintegrate. Some water sources such as well water or spring … Continued

How Do I Know If My Poor Water Kefir Grains Are Alive?

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Can you see them? They are ALIVE! Time and time again I get emails telling me that people have killed their grains or that they are no good, based on their own assumptions, and then they proceed to throw them away! Yikes! If you can see the grains then they are JUST FINE. The problem … Continued

Is Pesky Sugar Consuming You? Water Kefir To The Rescue!

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Getting started on this SUGAR Blog post has my head absolutely spinning this week! I have such interesting information to share with you about the sugars contained in water kefir. The number one thing that you are going to take away from this post is that as you consume water kefir more regularly, you will notice … Continued

How To Easily Keep Your Ferments Warm In Winter

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The #1 reason your ferments aren’t working is because they aren’t warm enough. The problem isn’t the grains. They have been around since the 1800’s and can be dehydrated or frozen and they start working again. As long as you can see them, THEY ARE FINE!!! So many people are throwing them away because they … Continued

Where Have You Been All My Life Water Kefir???

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This will be your first thought when you finish reading this article introducing you to water kefir.   There has been a big insurgence of fermented foods in today’s markets, menus, and diet plans. There are so many different types of ferments, and different information about eating various types in order to build up the … Continued

5 Water Kefir Grain support tips for winter 💨

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5 ways to get your water kefir grains thriving in winter. Water kefir grains are like babies and they like it warm. In order to get any growth or movement out of them, they need a consistent temperature of 18 degrees or more. They tend to struggle during the cool nights and growth slows down … Continued

3 Reasons Why Your Water Kefir Has Suddenly Lost It’s Fizz

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I was afraid to open my second ferment of water kefir this summer because it would fizz and explode all over my kitchen, but now I open it and it’s completely flat. Did I kill my grains?     Unless the grains are gone away completely, they are never dead. That is why water kefir … Continued



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