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Strains of Probiotics And Yeasts In Water Kefir

Water kefir is one of the best dietary sources of probiotics and yeasts available and may contain up to 40 …

Water Kefir Can Benefit Your Pets

Water kefir is as beneficial for dogs and cats as it is for humans taking antibiotics. It also contains beneficial …

How Much Water Kefir Is Safe For Kids To Drink?

Water kefir is safe for your children — but how much? This was such a great question I …

How Much Water Kefir Should I Drink In A Day?

Water kefir is a fermented beverage, full of probiotics and other healthy ingredients. It contains LIVE bacteria and yeasts which effects …

How Enzymes In Water Kefir Relieve Stomach Pain

Not only does water kefir have many vitamins and billions of LIVE probiotics it also produces digestive enzymes. …

Elderberry Powerhouse Water Kefir Soda Recipe

The immune booster powerhouse elderberry is known as one of the top antiviral herbs on the planet. Health benefits of the …

Lemon Strawberry Water Kefir Soda Recipe

Citrus and water kefir really do go hand in hand. The zing of flavour and the extra boost …

Pink Grapefruit and Sage Water Kefir Soda Recipe

Grapefruit contains Naringenin, a flavonoid that balances out blood sugar levels and helps to prevent metabolic syndrome, a …

Lemon Mint Vodka Cocktail Water Kefir Recipe

Your NEW favourite probiotic tonic is here! For the modern bar, water kefir’s carbonation make’s it an ideal …

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