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OUR SOCIAL PROMISE?Happy Gut is proud to be a social enterprise that hires people with disabilities. We partner with the Employ Me! Program, part of Kootenay Society For Community Living, to hire suitable candidates.

Leeza, the Founder of Happy Gut, worked in Special Education in schools for 24 years before starting Happy Gut. One of her most important assignments was to take disabled students into the community for work experience. The students loved it, but often, once they graduated they had a hard time finding employment. Many of these young people are bored?they spend extraordinary amounts of time on computers playing video games and looking at social sites. Once they start working with us, we see them gain a sense of self-worth and happiness. They’re also exposed to the benefits of probiotics, gut health and better eating habits.

Happy Gut is committed to employing as many young adults with disabilities as possible. They are capable of many tasks in our operation and they bring us such joy with their enthusiasm.


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