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Does Vitamin C prevent COVID-19?

Leeza Zurwick


In one word—NO. There has been much reported in the media lately that vitamin C is helping in the battle against COVID-19 which has caused a run on vitamin C supplements, but this finding must not be taken out of context. In clinical trials of COVID-19 patients, very high doses of vitamin C, administered under medical supervision, appear to cause patients to recover faster. That’s the good news, but not a reason for healthy person to overload their system with vitamin C. What does this mean for you?

Making an effort to eat foods and beverages that are high in vitamin C is more important than ever. Vitamin C does not prevent cold, flu and COVID-19, but it may help you recover faster.

If you take supplements, take up to 2000 mg per day, or the dose your doctor recommends. A higher dosage is a waste and your body will not use any more than it needs, it can cause an upset stomach and super high self-administered doses can cause medical distress.

So, bottom line, stay healthy by eating wholesome foods full of natural vitamins and minerals. Be conscious about eating enough vitamin C rich foods and keep your gut healthy with natural probiotics such as those found in water kefir.

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