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Eggnog Water Kefir Smoothie Recipe

Leeza Zurwick


This super simple and delicious eggnog water kefir smoothie recipe brings together a seasonal craving for eggnog with the benefits of water kefir probiotics.


MAKES: one single serving


1/2 cup first ferment water kefir

1 cup prepared eggnog

generous pinch ground nutmeg

optional: ice cubes


  • Add water kefir, eggnog and ice cubes (optional) to a high speed blender cup. Blend quickly.
  • Pour into drinking glass and lightly sprinkle with nutmeg
  • Drink immediately


You can use store bought eggnog or your own homemade recipe. We find store bought eggnog to be too thick and sweet for our palate, so the water kefir dilutes it into a thickness we prefer.


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