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Freshly Picked Pear Thyme and Honey
Water Kefir 

When bounteous autumn rears her head, she joys to pull the ripened pear.

Ahh… pears. The lustrous golden rays of sunshine that are little trickers. One day they’re green and the next day they’re yellow. Just like that! Or in the case of the Happy Gut farm where the bears eat them on the night that they are about to turn yellow!!!
At our farm, the pear trees are like a fortune tellers. We are avid snowmobilers and large amounts of snow brings our family great joy! The Farmer’s Almanac states that if there is an abundance of pears on the tree in the fall, you will have lots of snow that winter. We have 2 pear trees on our acreage, so we always watch all summer long how many pears are on the trees. Needless to say, this year we had a below average amount. I guess only time will tell if the pear fortune teller is right this year. 😉
Known for their super immune boosting properties and longtime remedy for nausea, pears are high in fiber, phytonutrients, vitamin C, vitamin K and copper. They are very helpful for any skin conditions like psoriasis, acne or dermatitis. They also provide us with antioxidants and are anti inflammatory thus helping decrease chronic inflammation. As one of the more easily digested fruits, many practitioners recommend that pear be one of the first fruits considered when it comes time to introducing an infant to his or her first pureed fruits.
Thyme is also an anti oxidant that is rich in vitamin A and very beneficial for skin conditions. Honey is brimming with anti oxidants as well. Combined with over 30 strains of probiotics in water kefir as well as the enzymes for digestion and all of the B vitamins, this soda is bound to be a powerhouse to boost your immunity.
This week I brewed up a tasty pear, thyme and honey second ferment water kefir that had the perfect fizz within 48 hours. The pear flavor was very subtle but the thyme and little bit of honey and lemon made the perfect balance. When using pears for your second ferment, always ensure that the pears are on the very ripe side to ensure the strongest flavor to come through in the ferment.
Something exciting that I stumbled upon this week was working with a decanter. Interior design is part of my educational background and when I was creating the logo and look for Happy Gut, it was imperative that my Happy Gut products added interest to the modern kitchen and didn’t look like some mason jar – witches brew sitting on top of your counter.
My company is fortunate to have the support of an amazing local store called The Gift Box that allows me to showcase their beautiful glassware in my photo shoots. The decanter that is shown in the picture has a rubber stopper on it and seals the jar completely shut hence causing no air to escape and allowing the CO2 to build up and create beautiful fizz for the water kefir! Not only did it look beautiful sitting on the counter with the pretty pear and thyme pieces being showcased, but it also made me feel like I was drinking some foreign decadent delight. Everyone who walked in commented on how beautiful it looked!
Give pears a try in your second ferment, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed and your guts will LOVE you!

Freshly Picked Pear Thyme and Honey Water Kefir

1 Medium Pear chopped

1 Sprig fresh Thyme gently bruised

Squeeze (1 tsp) of Fresh Lemon

1 tsp honey


Add ingredients to your Happy Gut swivel top bottle, clasp the lid and leave it in the warmest place in your home for 24 hours. Slowly open and ENJOY! Make sure you eat the fermented fruit. It has beneficial fibre and major probiotics.



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