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There is no better treat for a kid (or kid at heart) then a cold fruity popsicle on a hot summer’s day! But your popsicles will get a whole lot better if you try this recipe out. By making popsicles with water kefir you will be adding tons of LIVE probiotics and electrolytes to your kids’ body and unbeknownst to them, keeping them healthy and hydrated.

Water Kefir Popsicle Recipe


4 cups first ferment

1-2 cups of fresh or frozen fruit


  • Make the first ferment and leave the jar in a warm place for 24-48 hours.
  • Once the first ferment is ready, strain the grains and pack your popsicle mold with some fresh or frozen mixed fruit.
  • Fill the moulds with first ferment and put them into the freezer. (You can also use the fizzy second ferment as the popsicle base as well.)
  • Freeze and Enjoy!


Smiles are guaranteed with this recipe!

These fresh fruit popsicles will give your immune system a boost of over 30 billion LIVE probiotics, magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin C, folate, vitamin K, electrolytes, enzymes and antioxidants.


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