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Water kefir is a live, sparkling probiotic beverage that’s light in flavour, refreshing and delicious. It’s a functional beverage with multiple health benefits and you can easily make it yourself.

Scientific research has in recent years made huge leaps in understanding the connection between our gut health and our brain function. A healthy gut microbiome supports healthy mental wellness and there’s emerging research that a healthy gut microbiome is the greatest contributor to prolonging life.

Gut Health

Each glass of water kefir contains billions of probiotics, enzymes, electrolytes and other good stuff. It’s caffeine, dairy and gluten free. And, it’s so good for your gut.

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About Water Kefir

Fermentation occurs when the beneficial bacteria and yeasts in the culture break down sugars. The process creates probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals and off-gasses CO2 which creates a natural fizz.

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Water kefir “grains”, also known as tibicos, are a live culture consisting of clusters of beneficial bacteria and yeast living in a symbiotic relationship. The bacteria and yeast interact with sugars to create fermented water that is light in flavour, naturally effervescent and full of probiotics.

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