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Step one of immunity building.

Lose your sh*t!

The majority of us are full of SH*T.


Before we are able to boost our immune system, we need to flush out our built-up waste. 

The colon is home to billions of microflora (bacteria).  Besides forming stool, the various beneficial bacterial organisms living within the colon and digestive tract are important for proper nutrient absorption, maintaining pH balance, controlling hunger and counteracting potentially dangerous bacteria. This is why a well-functioning colon is so important for overall well-being.

Is a colon cleanse really necessary? 

While the digestive system has its own processes for removing waste, many people struggle with having regular, complete bowel movements due to various reasons like poor gut health, allergies, medications, consumption of pesticide chemicals and inflammation within the digestive system.

If you’re not having at least one bowel movement every day, you a good candidate for a colon cleanse. It’s well-known that a variety of health problems stem from poor digestive health — for example, stomach pains, abdominal cramps, chronic fatigue, constipation, low energy, headaches and allergic reactions can all be traced back partially to problems with waste elimination.

An impacted bowel can easily cause sluggishness, irritation, irritability, low energy, “brain fog” and changes in someone’s appetite. That’s because unreleased food and waste particles can cause mucus and bacteria to ferment and form in the colon, which might result in “toxins” being released back into the bloodstream when they’re circulated. Failing to have regular bowel movements also poses the risk for problems absorbing nutrients properly, which can lead to low energy and other complications.

Studies show that bowel movements are important for removing bacteria, heavy metals and eliminating excess fatty acids from the body. A colon cleanse can also impact the nervous system positively, which is why it might help symptoms like anxiety and fatigue.

Your poop can affect your mood! That’s because nerves in the bowel communicate to the brain and affect chemical signals sent via the entire central nervous system throughout the body. A well-functioning colon therefore is important for hormonal balance, appetite control, sleep and mental processing.

First and foremost, bear in mind that the single best way to detox and cleanse the colon is by removing harmful substances in your diet and eating nutrient-dense, real foods. Packaged foods, fast foods, processed snacks and artificial ingredients (high fructose syrups, hydrogenated oils, dangerous food dyes, fake seasonings, MSG or preservatives) all make it harder for the digestive system to work properly and raise inflammation in the colon. The kinds of foods you want to eat for optimal colon health include:

  • fermented foods that contain probiotics (water kefir, yogurt, cultured veggies like kimchi or sauerkraut, milk kefir, kombucha)
  • high-fiber foods like seeds, leafy greens and other fresh veggies
  • fresh fruit (especially berries, or apples and pears, which contain pectin fiber)
  • bone broth
  • healthy fats like coconut or extra virgin olive oil, plus avocados (very high in electrolytes and fiber)
  • veggie-based soups, smoothies and salads are high in fiber and water, plus easy to digest


I personally do 3 small colon cleanses a year.

January- after the Christmas season gorge

May- prior to putting on my shorts and seeing if they still fit

September- after a summer of enjoying “chippies and beer”

I purchase a Wild Rose Cleanse once a year from the health food store and do it for 4 days- 3 times a year. It’s sold as a 12 day program but I chose to only do it for 4 days at a time. It’s a super manageable, gentle cleanse and you don’t starve yourself. You still eat through the entire process. It requires you to take some supplements and drink tonnes of water to flush your system. It’s amazing how much better I feel after unloading excess waste from my body and how inspired I am to eat healthy after I finish the cleanse.

Got you thinking?

I’ve done my job!


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