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Turmeric Kick Flavouring Infusion

(5 customer reviews)


An anti-inflammatory and uplifting blend of organic turmeric, ginger, black pepper, chili flake and citrus.

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Earthy spices ground you with this surprisingly refreshing infusion. Organic turmeric paired with black peppercorns aid in reducing inflammation, while organic ginger and chili flake warm the body.
Package contains 1/2 cup of organic turmeric, ginger, black pepper, chili flake and citrus ingredients.
This first-of-its-kind product makes it easy to quickly flavour your second fermentation. No more shopping for specific ingredients. We did that part for you!
Enough to make 4 1L bottles of water kefir or kombucha beverages.
To infuse 1L of your favourite fermented beverage:
1. Measure 2 heaping tablespoons of
package contents into a clean and
sanitized swivel top bottle.
2. Pour your fermented liquid into the
bottle, leaving 1 inch of headspace
from the lid.
3. Seal, and gently shake the bottle
upside down a few times to ensure the
infusion ingredients are well mixed.
4. Continue with secondary fermentation
until desired taste is reached.
5. Use a strainer to remove herbs
while serving, and enjoy!


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Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 20 cm

5 reviews for Turmeric Kick Flavouring Infusion

  1. Helen

    I used to make ‘rootbeer’ kombucha with a tea mix from a healthfood store and it was my favourite, it had cinnamon and ginger and anise and I don’t know what else in it. This reminded me of that (I’ve used it for the kefir too, but sparingly as the store closed and I haven’t been able to find that mix again) and I’m so pleased it’s an option now. Totally ups your kefir game, and takes the guesswork out of how to spice it.

    The flavouring kits are so easy! My first impression was the ginger was way too big, that once it saturates and expands I’ll never be able to get it out of my bottle again but I was happy to see it broke into smaller pieces.

    The turmeric kick is bright and surprisingly refreshing, I love the bite both from the ginger and the peppers.

  2. Deborah B

    I have completed my brew with the new Turmeric Kick flavoring infusion and it is amazing! So easy to add and the flavour is delicious. I love ginger and the warmth and spice to this combination of flavors work really well together! I’m loving that everything is ready for me to add to my first Happy Gut ferment. Super easy to manage! 👍👍

  3. Jodie Campbell

    Wow. You made flavouring my water kefir SO simple. Love that ‘kick’ of cayenne in Turmeric Kick. High fives!

  4. Rachel

    My absolute flavor!!!

  5. Ileana

    I love the flavour and the spiciness of the Tumeric Kick. I do find that 1/2 the recommended amount is enough for me.

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