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Water Kefir First Ferment Smoothie Mix 2 Litre – 4 Jugs

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A fermented, non effervescent beverage that is brimming with probiotics and vitamins to boost gut health, energy, and immunity.



First Ferment Water Kefir is an unflavoured, fermented, non effervescent beverage that is brimming with LIVE probiotics and vitamins to boost gut health, energy, and immunity. It’s caffeine, dairy and gluten free and made with organic ingredients.

Water kefir contains:

  • B12 B6 B1

Water kefir goes through 2 ferments:
1. The first ferment is done solely with the grains/cultures and organic cane sugar. The cultures consume the sugar and produce the probiotics, vitamins, enzymes and electrolytes. It is non-effervescent, has a sweet mild fermented flavour and is full of probiotics.

2. During the second ferment, the water kefir is flavoured and the natural fizz occurs. The sugars from added fruit are consumed by the water kefir and the end result is a delightful, probiotic-rich, effervescent, low sugar soda.

First Ferment water kefir can be used in these ways:

• as a base for smoothies instead of milk or juice
• make your own homemade effervescent soda with your own flavourings
• enjoy it as a daily shot of over 30 billion live probiotics
• boost pet gut health by mixing it in with their food

Are you that person who loves water kefir but can’t be bothered to make it yourself? This is for you.

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