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Water Kefir Grains


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Give the gift that keeps on giving. When you purchase water kefir grains you should never have to purchase them again as long as you follow the provided instructions.

Incorporate more probiotics into everyday life with this delicious, natural beverage that is easy to customize with simple ingredients.

Water kefir grains are a symbiotic relationship between yeast and bacteria. They are plump, translucent grain-textured bacterial cultures that convert sugar into healthy probiotics, enzymes and electrolytes. . They emit CO2 which adds pleasant carbonation to the drink they make, called water kefir. Water kefir can help boost the immune system, enhance gut health and calm bloating.

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Water kefir grains offer an abundance of different ways to incorporate live probiotics into your life. Not only can you make a low sugar soda, but the grains can be used to ferment coconut water and all nut milks. Water kefir grains can also be used to make: sour dough starter, coconut yogurt, salad dressing, gummies, popsicles, smoothies and much more!

Dehydrated grains yield 1/4 cup once hydrated. Dehydrated grains are shelf stable and have a two year best before date.

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