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Spicy Watermelon Jalapeno Soda Recipe

Leeza Zurwick


Spicy, sweet, refreshing and addictive, this summertime watermelon jalapeno soda is unique and delicious! Did you know eating spicy foods in hot weather can help your body cool down faster? Spices cause sweating, which is our body’s own built in air conditioning system.


MAKES: about 4 cups


4 cups first ferment water kefir

1 cup watermelon

1 1-inch piece of jalapeno (more or less depending on your spice tolerance)

8 pieces of fresh mint


• Make the first ferment and leave the jar in a warm place for 24-48 hours.

• Strain the grains, and add the first ferment into a high-speed blender along with the other ingredients.

• Blend well. Using a funnel, pour into a swivel top bottle.

• Seal up the bottle and leave it in a warm place for 24 hours for the second ferment.

• Open slowly, strain and enjoy!


Once it’s blended, the watermelon will turn into a pulp. Although it’s perfectly fine to drink, you can strain it while pouring it into a glass for more visual appeal.

The seeds and ribs of a jalapeno contain the spicy heat we are accustomed to when eating the pepper. To minimize heat without sacrificing flavour, remove the insides of the pepper before blending. It’s easy to do by using a small spoon and scraping it out.

Burp the bottle after 12 hours to avoid the possibility of over carbonation.

This Spicy Watermelon Jalapeno soda will give your body a big boost of vitamin C, probiotics, magnesium, B vitamins, folate, vitamin K, electrolytes and enzymes.

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