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Interesting Ways Molasses Can Help Combat Holiday Stress

Who knew that a  cute little gingerbread man could do so much for your health???!!! This week I wanted to feature an ingredient used at Christmas that helps our well being and boy did I hit the JACKPOT! Honestly, I remember my mother telling me that molasses was good for me when I was growing … Continued

Freshly Picked Pear Thyme and Honey Water Kefir

Freshly Picked Pear Thyme and Honey Water Kefir  When bounteous autumn rears her head, she joys to pull the ripened pear. Ahh… pears. The lustrous golden rays of sunshine that are little trickers. One day they’re green and the next day they’re yellow. Just like that! Or in the case of the Happy Gut farm where the bears … Continued

Happy Camper Acne Fighting Water Kefir Smoothie

Happy Camper Smoothie– First Ferment Water Kefir Juice and pulp of one orange 3 strawberries diced 1 cup spinach 2-3 medium sized basil leaves (cilantro is also delicious as a substitute in this recipe) 1 tablespoon grated ginger 1.5 cup first ferment optional- 1 scoop of protein powder and/or 1 tablespoon of raw organic honey … Continued

Acne | Happy Glow Water Kefir Recipe | Farm to Folk

In this weeks blog Team Happy Gut shares how water kefir, oranges, spinach and strawberries can all help improve acne prone skin. ACNE This week, our topic is acne. We are all striving to keep our bodies healthy and happy, and acne can be painful, itchy and for some induces self consciousness. Our brews this … Continued



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