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Is Pesky Sugar Consuming You? Water Kefir To The Rescue!

Getting started on this SUGAR Blog post has my head absolutely spinning this week! I have such interesting information to share with you about the sugars contained in water kefir. The number one thing that you are going to take away from this post is that as you consume water kefir more regularly, you will notice … Continued

How To Boost Your Metabolism With Water Kefir

While there are no short-cuts to losing weight, there are a few things you can do to boost your metabolism. Exercising regularly, getting plenty of sleep and counting your carbohydrates are three of the best things you can do. However, there are also foods that speed metabolism and thermogenics, so adding them to your diet may give … Continued

A Little Powerhouse That Soothes Sore Throats

The much dreaded sore throat and cold season has arrived and it’s almost impossible to avoid picking something up. As a child, I would get Bronchitis every winter and have the most disturbing bark for weeks on end. In the last few years, I rarely get colds and personally attribute it to making healthy food … Continued

Freshly Picked Pear Thyme and Honey Water Kefir

Freshly Picked Pear Thyme and Honey Water Kefir  When bounteous autumn rears her head, she joys to pull the ripened pear. Ahh… pears. The lustrous golden rays of sunshine that are little trickers. One day they’re green and the next day they’re yellow. Just like that! Or in the case of the Happy Gut farm where the bears … Continued

Ease Bloating and Dehydration With Fermented Coconut Water

Today Team Happy Gut shares how fermented water kefir, coconut water, and watermelon can ease bloating and dehydration! DEHYDRATION Well summer is in full swing! This heat wave has left us thirsty! Hydration is key in this hot weather, as well as a good balance of electrolytes to keep us healthy and energized. And for those … Continued

Sleep – Cherries – Chocolate – The Good Life

In this weeks blog Team Happy Gut shares how water kefir, cherries, leafy greens and chocolate can help improve your sleep! SLEEP All of us have struggled with sleep at some point in our lives. Insomnia, stress, and anxiety are the top reasons why most of us don’t get enough Zzzss. Sleep deprivation effects everything … Continued

Happy Camper Acne Fighting Water Kefir Smoothie

Happy Camper Smoothie– First Ferment Water Kefir Juice and pulp of one orange 3 strawberries diced 1 cup spinach 2-3 medium sized basil leaves (cilantro is also delicious as a substitute in this recipe) 1 tablespoon grated ginger 1.5 cup first ferment optional- 1 scoop of protein powder and/or 1 tablespoon of raw organic honey … Continued

Happy Glow Orange Basil Ginger Water Kefir Recipe

Team Happy Gut wants to share with you how water kefir, oranges, and strawberries can all help improve acne prone skin. ACNE We are all striving to keep our bodies healthy and happy, and acne can be painful, itchy and for some induces self consciousness. Our brew this week feature two mighty ingredients to help … Continued

Spring In Your Step – Rhubarb Strawberry Water Kefir Smoothie

Spring In Your Step – Rhubarb Strawberry Smoothie  First Ferment Water Kefir   3 strawberries 1 cup spinach 2-3 sprigs thyme 1 tablespoon grated ginger 1 stalk rhubarb 1 banana 1 tsp honey 1.5c first ferment water kefir optional- 1 scoop of protein powder Combine all ingredients into blender and add ice. Blend and enjoy!   Team Happy Gut wants to share how … Continued

Strawberry Rhubarb Thyme Water Kefir Recipe

There are so many combinations of fizzy, probiotic rich water kefir that you can make with strawberries. They are such a delight! Here is some ways that they can also boost your heart health.   Strawberries are an easy one to identify for heart health, as they already look like little versions of one of our … Continued

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