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Acne | Happy Glow Water Kefir Recipe | Farm to Folk

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In this weeks blog Team Happy Gut shares how water kefir, oranges, spinach and strawberries can all help improve acne prone skin. ACNE This week, our topic is acne. We are all striving to keep our bodies healthy and happy, and acne can be painful, itchy and for some induces self consciousness. Our brews this … Continued

Nausea | Butterfly Pea Flower | The Light Cellar

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Our Blog this week features ways to ease nausea, how to use Butterfly Pea Flower in your smoothies and second ferments and a Galactic Purple People Pleaser Cocktail to impress your friends.   What’s New At Happy Gut    Happy Gut continues to expand across Canada. I spent my week promoting Happy Gut DIY kits … Continued

Fatigue Energy Boost Smoothie

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Give your fatigue an energy boost with this smoothie! 1/2 cup blackberries (fresh or frozen) 1/4 cup raw (shredded) or steamed beets 1 hand full fresh basil (6-12 leaves to taste) **Our favorite in this is Thai basil, with its subtle licorce flavor. Sweet basil is also a great add to this mix! 1 teaspoon … Continued

Blueberry Dream Water Kefir Recipe

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This Blueberry Dream Water Kefir gets it’s name from the aromatic scent that hits you the minute you open the bottle! So delicious and fresh. 2-3 tablespoons wild blueberries 6 Basil leaves 2-3 tablespoons tart cherry juice or 4-5 frozen tart cherry halves available in the organic juice aisle of your grocery store, or in … Continued

Inflamation | Autoimmune Disease | Water Kefir Recipes

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  Happy First Week Of May! The beauty of living in the Kootenay’s is that we get to experience all 4 gorgeous seasons. I spend every Thursday travelling to the Okanagan one week and to the East Kootenay’s on the other and each trip entails crossing mountain passes, so I often get to see all 4 seasons in … Continued



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