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How Long Is Water Kefir Good For?

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Great question with a couple of different answers. The bottom line is that water kefir NEVER goes no good. If it is in a sealed bottle with no chance of cross contamination, the LIVE cultures will slowly continue to eat up the sugars in the drink and eventually the drink will turn to vinegar. You … Continued

Lemon Strawberry Water Kefir Soda Recipe

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This recipe winds up our month of January Citrus Water Kefir Soda Recipes and this Vitamin C boosting Lemon Strawberry Mint combination is so tasty. Citrus and water kefir really do go hand in hand. The zing of flavour and the extra boost of vitamin C from the citrus and the boost of LIVE probiotics, … Continued

Interesting Ways Molasses Can Help Combat Holiday Stress

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Who knew that a  cute little gingerbread man could do so much for your health???!!! This week I wanted to feature an ingredient used at Christmas that helps our well being and boy did I hit the JACKPOT! Honestly, I remember my mother telling me that molasses was good for me when I was growing … Continued

How To Ease Stomach Pain And Nausea With Water Kefir

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And so the holiday season begins and my willpower goes out the door. Sound familiar? I work very hard all year to avoid sugar as much as possible but what is Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie or Christmas without After Eight mint chocolates? I recently got myself incredibly worked up about Thanksgiving dinner and how I … Continued

Is Pesky Sugar Consuming You? Water Kefir To The Rescue!

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Getting started on this SUGAR Blog post has my head absolutely spinning this week! I have such interesting information to share with you about the sugars contained in water kefir. The number one thing that you are going to take away from this post is that as you consume water kefir more regularly, you will notice … Continued

How To Tame Anxiety Naturally With This Simple Homemade Soda

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As November blows cold into our lives, so does the winter darkness and the anxiety of Christmas creeping up on us. Stress around all of those issues is real but there are natural ways to help ease those feelings. Looking at probiotics and mood disorders, studies have shown that beneficial microorganisms decrease inflammation and increase … Continued

Freshly Picked Pear Thyme and Honey Water Kefir

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Freshly Picked Pear Thyme and Honey Water Kefir  When bounteous autumn rears her head, she joys to pull the ripened pear. Ahh… pears. The lustrous golden rays of sunshine that are little trickers. One day they’re green and the next day they’re yellow. Just like that! Or in the case of the Happy Gut farm where the bears … Continued

Strawberry Rhubarb Thyme Water Kefir Recipe

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There are so many combinations of fizzy, probiotic rich water kefir that you can make with strawberries. They are such a delight! Here is some ways that they can also boost your heart health.   Strawberries are an easy one to identify for heart health, as they already look like little versions of one of our … Continued

Heart Health | Strawberry Rhubarb Water Kefir | Choices Markets

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  In this weeks blog Team Happy Gut shares how heart health, water kefir, strawberries and rhubarb all connect together.  Heart Health This week, our topic is heart health. We are all striving to keep our tickers as healthy as possible, and our brews this week feature two mighty ingredients to help prevent heart disease. As … Continued

Where Have You Been All My Life Water Kefir???

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This will be your first thought when you finish reading this article introducing you to water kefir.   There has been a big insurgence of fermented foods in today’s markets, menus, and diet plans. There are so many different types of ferments, and different information about eating various types in order to build up the … Continued

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