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Ditch The Energy Drinks For This All Natural Soda

Apple picking season is upon us and fresh pressed apple juice takes me back to a time when my family would have apple juice pressing parties at our house. It was a yearly highlight for us kids! My dad was a carpenter and built an apple press. Friends and relatives would arrive with truck loads …

Warm Spiced Pear And Vanilla Water Kefir Soda

Fall is such an exciting time in the world of Water Kefir Soda and this warming Spiced Pear and Vanilla Soda is decadent! There are so many fruits and herbs to experiment with when it comes to making interesting flavor combinations. I’m having a tough time containing myself because I have so many exciting recipes to …

Freshly Picked Pear Thyme and Honey Water Kefir

Freshly Picked Pear Thyme and Honey Water Kefir  When bounteous autumn rears her head, she joys to pull the ripened pear. Ahh… pears. The lustrous golden rays of sunshine that are little trickers. One day they’re green and the next day they’re yellow. Just like that! Or in the case of the Happy Gut farm where the bears …

Ease Bloating and Dehydration With Fermented Coconut Water

Today Team Happy Gut shares how fermented water kefir, coconut water, and watermelon can ease bloating and dehydration! DEHYDRATION Well summer is in full swing! This heat wave has left us thirsty! Hydration is key in this hot weather, as well as a good balance of electrolytes to keep us healthy and energized. And for those …

The Good Life Magazine – Water Kefir

    Read how drinking probiotic rich water kefir can benefit you, your kids and your pets. THE GOOD LIFE MAGAZINE JULY/AUGUST     Ready to get started? Order online Find Happy Gut in over 60 retail locations across BC and Alberta   Subscribe to our Newsletter here and receive more inspiring water kefir recipes …

Acne | Happy Glow Water Kefir Recipe | Farm to Folk

In this weeks blog Team Happy Gut shares how water kefir, oranges, spinach and strawberries can all help improve acne prone skin. ACNE This week, our topic is acne. We are all striving to keep our bodies healthy and happy, and acne can be painful, itchy and for some induces self consciousness. Our brews this …

Fatigue Energy Boost Smoothie

Give your fatigue an energy boost with this smoothie! 1/2 cup blackberries (fresh or frozen) 1/4 cup raw (shredded) or steamed beets 1 hand full fresh basil (6-12 leaves to taste) **Our favorite in this is Thai basil, with its subtle licorce flavor. Sweet basil is also a great add to this mix! 1 teaspoon …

Water Kefir Blueberry Dream Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Water Kefir Blueberry Dream Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie 1/4 cup frozen wild blueberries 1 cup (packed) lightly blanched or young nettles (can sub spinach or kale if you don’t have nettle) *Be sure to use tongs or wear gloves when handling  fresh nettles to prevent stings* 1 cup first ferment water kefir 1 tablespoon fresh grated ginger …



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