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How Long Do Water Kefir Grains Live?

Indefinitely! The hardy little buggers are live, consuming organisms that are in a constant state of reproduction. As long as you feed them periodically and give them rest by putting them into dormancy every so often, they will reproduce and ferment indefinitely. They have lived for over a thousand years. Some may get weaker over …

Low Commitment Water Kefir Fermentation

Low Commitment = Huge Rewards I get so excited when people ask me about water kefir since being a Master Water Kefir Brewer is my career. It has been under the radar in the world of fermentation and studies are coming out that it is one of the more beneficial ferments for the gut with …

The Best Water For Water Kefir Fermentation

Let’s take the confusion out of this one once and for all! Water kefir grains need minerals to survive and thrive and benefit from water sources with higher mineral content. With that said, if the mineral content is too high, the grains can begin to disintegrate. Some water sources such as well water or spring …



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