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Her CEO Journey: Finding the Courage to Build a Social Impact Start-Up After Mid-Life Podcast

Join Her CEO Journey host, Christina Sjahli, as she chats with Leeza Zurwick in this podcast.

Leeza Zurwick is the CEO and founder of Happy Gut, a company that produces and sells water kefir products designed to help improve gut imbalances and issues. Leeza was a special education teacher for over 20 years before starting her company out of pure curiosity and passion in 2017. After a successful trial run, Leeza quit her full-time teaching job and dedicated herself to growing Happy Gut. Today, she sells her water kefir products in stores and online to customers in Canada and the U.S. Her newest product is a flavor infusion water kefir.

In this episode we talk about:

➤ How Leeza became interested in water kefir (7:26)

➤ What encouraged Leeza to take the leap into entrepreneurship (11:51)

➤ What it means to run a social impact business (13:32)

➤ The transition from domestic selling to international (18:05)

➤ The difference between selling wholesale versus online (21:34)

➤ Leeza’s key to successful growth (24:52)

➤ The financial strategies that keep Leeza on track (28:23)

➤ Leeza’s advice for other women entrepreneurs (33:13)

Listen to the podcast here.

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