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Welcome to the miraculous world of fermentation!

When I embarked on the adventure of making water kefir, I was gifted some grains and sent on my way with a few notes.

I began doing research online and I couldn’t find anything definitive to go on.

Through trial and error and numerous fails, I finally came up with a recipe that definitively worked and I couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

So here it goes….

You are about to embark on a gut healing process that has been practiced for thousands of years.

Let’s get you started on the road to good health!

First Ferment

Always used sterile equipment and thick walled bottles for your second ferment. I strongly suggest using our Happy Gut kit because it is sterile and your success is guaranteed.

1/4 cup grains (entire package you bought, strained, don’t rinse)
1/4 cup sugar (I suggest 1 tbsp coconut sugar and the rest cane sugar)
4 cups water (Boiled tap water is best because it has the minerals that the water kefir grains need for growing strong.) Get more info about water types here.

Put it into the brewing jar and place it in the warmest place in your house for 48 hours. I suggest putting your ferment into your oven with the light on for the first few times you ferment. This will ensure a consistent temperature and help your grains begin to thrive.

If you want less sugar, 72 hours is the longest you should leave your first ferment for before your grains begin to disintegrate. (once you are getting good fizz from the second ferment, you can make this 24 hours) Remember, you need your brew to still be a bit sweet when you put it into the second ferment so that the CO2 can build.

After 48 hours: Second Ferment

Your water kefir is ready and you can drink it or add it to smoothies instead of milk. This step is never fizzy.
Strain the grains out of the jar and put them back into the jar to start another ferment or put them into the jar, fill it with water and place the jar into the fridge.
This puts the grains into dormancy and they can sit there for up to 3 months until they need to be fed sugar again. (Get grain tips here)
If you want fizz, strain the liquid into the swivel top bottle. (this is where the CO2 builds)
Add about 5-20 pieces of candied ginger into the swivel top bottle and 1/4 cup of any kind of juice.

Fizz Brewing Tip

Pineapple juice is the absolute best if you are just getting started along with candied ginger. The sugar gets eaten up by the water kefir and in turn builds the CO2.

On the other hand, pineapple juice makes the drink very volatile in terms of explosions and isn’t suggested once your grains are acclimatized to your water and producing good fizz.

Place the bottle in a warm spot.

Open it after 24 hours. It should let off some air when you open it. If not, leave it sealed for another 24 hours.
Don’t refrigerate until your desired sweetness is reached. It continues to ferment in the sealed bottle. It can stay in the fridge for up to 2 months.
Warning: Be careful when opening the bottle. Warm temperatures make the ferment very volatile and never leave it on the counter for more than 1 day without burping it.

For more info, head over to the Fermentation 101 section on the happygutpro website for lots of trouble shooting info and if you are still wanting to learn more, the Yemoos site has lots of water kefir brewing information. 🙂

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This Blog is written in Canada with Love and good intentions,

Leeza Zurwick

Leeza Zurwick is the Founder of Happy Gut and has a deep passion for living off the earth and using fermented food as medicine. After being gifted some water kefir grains, she found it difficult to find consistent information on how to brew water kefir and she found it challenging to source the right brewing supplies. Through extensive research, trial and error, Leeza developed simple recipes and systems to ensure success and delicious results. After drinking water kefir daily, she noticed a significant reduction in bloating, clearer skin and her immune system was strengthened enough to not get sick, despite working in classrooms full of germy kids! Leeza launched Happy Gut in 2017 and made it her mission to share the age old wisdom, simplicity and incredible health benefits of live, probiotic rich, fermented Water Kefir.


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