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Why do I battle apathy and fatigue every January? Is it the winter blues?

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Do you struggle with the winter blues? It hits me every January like a  5 lb. brain weight and just sits there. I would just rather sit and scroll through Instagram all day and night. Mindless entertainment. I want to eat warm, ooey, gooey comfort food and have someone else cook because god knows that … Continued

5 Water Kefir Grain support tips for winter 💨

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5 ways to get your water kefir grains thriving in winter. Water kefir grains are like babies and they like it warm. In order to get any growth or movement out of them, they need a consistent temperature of 18 degrees or more. They tend to struggle during the cool nights and growth slows down … Continued

Lose your SH*T to build your immunity.

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  Step one of immunity building. Lose your sh*t! The majority of us are full of SH*T. Literally! Before we are able to boost our immune system, we need to flush out our built-up waste.  The colon is home to billions of microflora (bacteria).  Besides forming stool, the various beneficial bacterial organisms living within the … Continued

3 Reasons Why Your Water Kefir Has Suddenly Lost It’s Fizz

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I was afraid to open my second ferment of water kefir this summer because it would fizz and explode all over my kitchen, but now I open it and it’s completely flat. Did I kill my grains?     Unless the grains are gone away completely, they are never dead. That is why water kefir … Continued

Ready, Set, Here We Flow!

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Do you ever feel sluggish, tired or bloated? Does your body give you clear signs that you could use a little digestion attention? Mine too! I must say, trying something new is both challenging and intimidating but your success with fermentation is my mission. I know what it feels like to be intimidated by the … Continued



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