Drinkable Coconut Yogurt Recipe

Drinkable Coconut Yogurt Recipe

Creamy, delicious and full of live probiotics, this drinkable coconut yogurt recipe is ready in 24 hours. Our favourite twins, True and Aven, confirmed it was kid-good. They loved it!

MAKES: about 4 cups


2 cans coconut milk

1/4 cup first ferment water kefir

1 cup fruit (fresh or frozen) – We love to use strawberries!


  • Mix the coconut milk into a jar – stir well.
  • Stir the first ferment water kefir into the jar.
  • Ferment in oven with light on for 24 hours. When you see small bubbles forming on the top, that’s the indicator that it’s ready.
  • Pour the coconut yogurt mixture into the blender with fruit.
  • Blend until well mixed.
  • Enjoy the Drinkable Coconut Yogurt!


Not all store bought yogurt has probiotics in it. Read more about it here.

For more information about fermenting nut milks click here.

This is not milk kefir which is made with a different kind of culture and dairy milk. While milk and water kefir processes are very similar, the grain cultures are different. Water kefir grains do not respond to dairy, and milk grains do not respond to non-dairy alternatives.

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