Lilac Peach Water Kefir Gin Cocktail

Lilac Peach Water Kefir Gin Cocktail

This fresh Lilac Peach Gin Cocktail is a wonderful addition to your springtime bar recipes. Lilac simple syrup and fresh lilac florets add fragrance and a taste that is unique and delicious. A hint of lemon makes the flavours pop.


Lilac Peach Water Kefir Soda

1 oz. of your favourite gin

Ice cubes


  • Add ice cubes to a chilled, short glass.
  • Pour gin over top of the ice cubes.
  • Top with Lilac Peach water kefir soda.
  • Garnish with Lilac petals.
  • Give the drink a swirl with a spoon, and enjoy!

This Lilac Peach Gin cocktail is full of live probiotics.

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