Probiotic Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream

Probiotic Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream

You won’t believe how easy it is to make probiotic vanilla coconut ice cream! Satisfy your craving for a sweet treat and feel good about the simple ingredients it has in addition to the probiotic power of water kefir grains. Plus, this is a keto friendly recipe when used with Swerve and a dairy free vegan recipe.

MAKES: around 4 cups


2 cans coconut cream (not milk)

1/4 cup first ferment water kefir

1/4 cup sweetener of choice

2 tsp pure vanilla extract (add more until if you prefer)

1 vanilla bean pod (optional)

Pinch of sea salt


Begin by fermenting the coconut cream. Add both cans to a brewing jar, then add the first ferment. Stir well to incorporate into the cream. Leave in your oven with the light on for 24 hours, covered but not sealed.

After 24 hours, coconut cream should be lightly fermented. It may taste slightly sour.

Add the sweetener and vanilla to the fermented coconut cream. If using a vanilla pod, slice open with a knife and use a spoon to scrape the seeds out. Blend all ingredients together until the mixture is frothy.

Pour into a bowl and freeze.

Enjoy your probiotic vanilla coconut ice cream by scooping it into a tall glass of Root Beer Water Kefir to re-create a classic root beer float!

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