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Get to Know: Turmeric Kick Flavouring Infusion

Leeza Zurwick


Turmeric Kick Flavouring Infusion is a spicy, earthy and peppery infusion made for water kefir and kombucha fans of heat! It features turmeric, ginger, lemon peel, chili flake and black peppercorns to make for a robust and tingling fermented beverage infusion.

Turmeric has been used in traditional medicines for ages. A powerful anti-inflammatory, turmeric is used to treat arthritis and joint pain. It is also known to stabilize blood sugar levels, nourish the liver and even reduces the symptoms of hay fever.

Harnessing the powerful qualities of turmeric, we wanted to create a flavouring infusion that was as therapeutic as it is delicious. Organic black peppercorns help to activate the many benefits of turmeric by allowing curcumin to be more easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

Ginger is perfectly paired with turmeric, and they are even a part of the same plant family. Zesty ginger is great for settling the stomach, boosting the immune system and easing menstrual pain.

Organic chili flake and lemon peel add additional flavour dimension to Turmeric Kick with some heat and citrus. Chili flake encourages the body to push toxins to the surface by bringing on a sweat and clearing the sinuses. Lemon adds a bright, citrus high note to balance the earthy elements of the other ingredients.

Turmeric Kick is a grounding, warming and invigorating Flavouring Infusion for water kefir and kombucha and perfect for those who like a drink packed with some punch. Incorporate all the healing benefits of turmeric in one delicious, fermented libation!

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