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How to Boost Water Kefir Carbonation

If you open your second ferment and it does not fizz, do not worry. There are a few contributing factors to the carbonation of water kefir and below you will find tips to boost the process.

How to Boost Water Kefir Carbonation

  1. The key to the water kefir fermentation process is warmth. If your ferments are not kept warm enough, carbonation will not build. One of the best place to get great fermentation results is next to a salt lamp. You can read about further ways to keep your ferments warm here.
  2. Leave second ferment in warm place for 48 hours instead of 24. This allows more sugar to be eaten by the grains and provides more CO2 for the carbonation process. Be sure to open the lid every 12 hours, as sometimes carbonation happens very quickly.
  3. Make sure you add some sort of fruit or juice to the second ferment. The water kefir process turns the sugar from the juice into CO2. If you are using a low sugar flavouring, like lemon juice, there will not be enough sugar to build adequate carbonation. However, despite the lack of carbonation all of the probiotics are still brimming within your water kefrir. We suggest using pineapple juice for your first couple of ferments as it has the adequate sugars to make adjusting grain kefir fizzy.
  4. Use a swivel top bottle. Ensure that the rubber seal is not cracked and that the bottle clasps tight. If any air can escape, you won’t get fizz. Shop our brewing bottles here.

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