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The #1 reason your ferments aren’t working is because they aren’t warm enough.

The problem isn’t the grains.
They have been around since the 1800’s and can be dehydrated or frozen and they start working again.
As long as you can see them, THEY ARE FINE!!!
So many people are throwing them away because they think that they are no good or that they did something wrong to them. ūüôĀ

Each week I aim to inspire my posse of fellow fermenters to step out of the box and try new recipes but this week I felt that I needed to go back to Old Faithful.

Brewing water kefir is not only simple but the beauty of being able to stop and start at any time is a huge bonus!
The ability to make the brews within 48 hours and put the grains into dormancy in the fridge for up to 4 months makes water kefir fermentation incredibly flexible.

BUT…Keeping the brews warm is the biggest stumbling block in the cooler months.

The optimal brew temperature is between 20 and 30 degrees but with temperatures fluctuating from day to night in our homes, it makes it difficult for the water kefir grains to flourish and eat up the sugars.
With the cooler temps, it is best to do your first ferment for 48 hours in the winter to give more time for the sugars to be eaten up.
The way to tell if your first ferment is ready is if it smells fermented and the water kefir tastes mildly sweet-sour with just a tiny bit of bubbles when first strained.
*remember that the first few ferments may not be very fermented because the grains are trying to get acclimatized 
to your specific water. Don't dump the liquid down the drain.

*always do the second ferment and use pineapple juice to get your fizz going.

Here are 10 stealthy warming tips that that people have used and passed onto me. ūüôā

10. wrap the brew in a towel
9. wrap mini Christmas lights around the jar *the ones that give off warmth
8. put it near your wood stove
7. stick them on top of your fridge
6. put them in your furnace room and set a reminder on your phone
5. put them on a seed growing mat
4. put them in the cupboard above the fridge *it’s typically quite warm
3. place the jar into your yogurt maker
2. place them on a cookie sheet into the oven with the light on. *don’t turn the oven on
1. place the ferments right up against your salt lamp. It gives off heat and good energy for your elixer.

Old Faithful Apple Ginger Water Kefir Soda

1/4 cup pressed apple juice

5-10 cubes candied or fresh ginger

Add to your Happy Gut swivel top bottle with your first ferment. 

Seal up the bottle and leave it in a warm place for 24 hours for the second ferment.

The water kefir eats up the natural sugars from the apples and the ginger and makes a super tasty, gut loving soda.

Your body will reap the benefits of 30 billion probiotics, enzymes, electrolytes, B12 B6 B1, magnesium and folate. As and added bonus, apples are full of vitamin C and the ginger provides gut healing relief.

It’s actually our #1 selling drink!

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