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Water kefir has the potential to help anyone with gut problems caused by imbalance and the stresses of modern life. We believe it should be available and accessible to everyone. At Happy Gut, we are on a mission to make this happen.

Several years ago, my sister-in-law shared some water kefir grains with me. I was intrigued that she and her medical co-workers were making and drinking water kefir to boost their immunity. Working in Special Education, I thought that if this could work amongst hospital staff, it could also work in schools. With great enthusiasm I decided I needed to brew this for myself, my family and friends.

But, it just wasn’t that easy. I struggled to find all the right water kefir brewing supplies in my local region then started my first batch, but I had no idea what I was doing and I was overwhelmed. I didn’t want to be fermenting something harmful, so I did some research and found a lot of mixed information.

Through trial and error, I got better at making water kefir. My kefir grains multiplied profusely, it seemed I had struck the perfect combination of fresh, mineral rich water and mixed organic sugars to achieve an explo- sion of beautiful, plump, water kefir grains. I believed there were other people like me who wanted to make water kefir and would appreciate a simpler way to start.

At the same time, people started telling me that I was looking great and I didn’t get sick at all that year, yet the only thing that I had changed in my life was drinking water kefir on a daily basis. There had to be something about this drink that was boosting my immunity and improving the health of my gut.

Since those first days, I’ve learned a lot about water kefir and its benefits and know that this drink has changed my life and it has the potential to change yours, too.

Leeza Zurwick, Founder of Happy Gut

Our Ethos

We believe in living off the earth and using food as medicine. As our gut heals, so does our life.

  • We use the highest quality ingredients we can find and organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • Our drinks are raw and alive. They are non-dairy, non-caffeinated, gluten free and vegan.
  • Our drinks are not only good for you, they are delicious.

Our Place

Happy Gut operates on our small farm in the rural West Kootenays of BC, a walk away from where my grandparents lived and my mother grew up.

I was raised in a homesteading community and my husband, two sons and I now live on a small farm that once was part of an extensive acreage of fruit trees, communally grown in the 1930s and 40s. Old traditional apple, pear and cherry trees still grow around us. We have the good fortune of natural spring water, open sunny spaces and mountain air. Oh and did I mention the nightly visits from the bears?

We brew our bottled drinks, assemble our kits and ship our orders from this space. Our operations are based around our certified commercial kitchen and grow op where we maintain a high quality environment for growing kefir grains.

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