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Happy Gut is a water kefir home brew supply company located in the West Kootenays of British Columbia. We are the largest Canadian producer of water kefir grains, do-it-yourself fermentation kits and flavouring infusions. Each of our products are hand-crafted by our team using thoughtfully chosen, certified organic ingredients. We supply high quality products, information, inspiration and support to those who want to integrate live probiotic water kefir into their lives. 

The Happy Gut company was started in 2017 after Founder Leeza Zurwick received a gift of water kefir grains and struggled to find the proper supplies and information needed to make the drink with confidence. She quickly learned that fermentation is a natural process affected by many factors and through years of experimentation, bringing a professional microbiologist to work with the company and a team of experienced brewers, the Happy Gut Method has been perfected. We are confident that you can be a successful brewer using this method.

Our team believe food is medicine, and that a healthy life begins with a healthy microbiome.

Water kefir is a probiotic alternative to sugary beverages, it has no caffeine, has a refreshing, pleasant taste and children love it. We strive to provide quality products and recipes so that anyone can make water kefir at home. If integrating water kefir and probiotics into your daily routine is something that interests you, check out our variety of home brew products here.



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