How Salt Lamps Can Improve Fermentation

How Salt Lamps Can Improve Fermentation

If you’re fermenting water kefir in a cool house, a salt lamp can be an easy way to keep adequate warmth around the fermentation jar. The small lightbulb in the lamp generates just enough heat to raise the temperature of the water kefir so fermentation can occur.

Water kefir fermentation is very sensitive to changing temperatures and this is the most common reason why fermentation fails. No matter what season it is, it’s important to maintain a consistent temperature in order to get the best results. A temperature range of 20 °C- 25°C (70° -75°F) is ideal.

If you’re into the healing properties of stones and minerals, you’ll know that salt lamps add calming and healing energy into your room, and maybe, into your water kefir, too.

Here’s our technique:

  • Put the ferment jar on a folded tea towel to insulate it from a cold counter
  • Place the salt lamp right next to the brewing jar
  • Cover the lamp and jar with a large tea towel and tuck in the edges so the warmth stays inside
  • Check your ferment about every 8 hours to see how it’s doing. It may ferment faster and may be ready in 12 -18 hours instead of 24.
  • If you find your ferment is too fizzy, don’t cover the salt lamp with a towel.

Use this technique with your second ferment also. The swivel-top bottles can be placed next to the salt lamp in just the same way as above.

Be extra careful when you open the swivel top because the fizz build up may be intense. Place the bottle in your sink, put a cloth over the lid, then gently open it. If you don’t do this, you may get an unexpected spray of water kefir all over you and your kitchen.

Himalayan pink and white salt, selenite, quartz and amethyst crystal lamps all work. They’re readily available in health food stores, rock, home decor and on-line shops.

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