How Seasons Affect Water Kefir Fermentation

How Seasons Affect Water Kefir Fermentation

Water kefir goes through changes with the seasons, just as all living organisms do.

During the summer water kefir ferments rapidly with the warmer temperatures. These are the months where you have to be cautious with your second ferments as they can become extremely volatile. Be sure to burp your second ferment every 12 hours, and 8 hours if you are using high sugar fruits/juices. If your house is air conditioned, ensure you find a warm spot for fermenting.

In the spring and fall, water kefir brewing can be inconsistent as the temperature outside is fluctuating significantly from day to night. It is in these seasons that you have hot days followed by cold nights. This sudden change in temperatures can be difficult for fermentation. Keep your ferments consistently warm by placing the jar against a salt lamp or in the oven with the light on. We have additional tips for keeping ferments warm here.

In the winter, kefir growth slows right down as the temperature outside drops. Even though your grains may not be growing very much they are still effective in fermenting as long as you keep a consistent temperature between 20 – 25°C (70 – 75°F).

In short, water kefir fermentation is very sensitive to changing temperatures. No matter what season it is, it is important to maintain a consistent temperature in order to get the best results.

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