Something To Be Proud Of At Happy Gut

Something To Be Proud Of At Happy Gut

Happy Gut is proud to be a Social Enterprise that hires people with disabilities. My background is in Special Education and I worked in my local school district for 24 years before becoming a business owner. One of my school assignments was to take students into the community for work experience and they absolutely loved it. But once they graduated, they had a tough time finding employment. Many of them spent most of their days playing video games and on social media sites. When I was creating Happy Gut, I knew that I would have opportunities to hire some of those young adults and give them purpose in their lives.

I employ 2 girls with disabilities who have worked at Happy Gut since the beginning. Their jobs entail stickering packages, building kits, stickering bottles, and assisting in the brewing process. They are super dedicated, reliable, have purpose and love seeing their products that they helped make on their local store shelves. They are always excited on pay day, love being featured in photos and one of the girls was even inspired by having this job, to get her driver’s license and was successful!

Talk about gratifying!

They recently joined me on my pitch to Dragon’s Den. I asked them what sort of reward they would like if we got chosen. They asked if we could go to Red Lobster. I said absolutely! Guess what? We were chosen for the show so we are going on a road trip to Red Lobster this Fall.

It’s such a gift to have them. With the company growing so quickly, I have no hesitation in hiring more people with disabilities in the near future.

So each time you purchase a Happy Gut product, remember that you are supporting some very special people.

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