Water Kefir Brewing Tips For Guaranteed Success

Water Kefir Brewing Tips For Guaranteed Success

Fermented water kefir is relatively easy and quick to make. There’s a bit of kitchen science required to be successful and we lead you through the process as meticulously as possible.

There are few ingredients, water, sugar and flavourings but the quality is critical to the success. Temperature, cleanliness and basic equipment are also important. We recommend our starter kit for anyone trying to make water kefir for the first time. In this kit, you’ll find everything you need, in the right proportions for the greatest chance of success.




1/4 cup grains (entire package you bought, strained, don?t rinse)

1/4 cup sugar (I suggest 1 tbsp coconut sugar and the rest cane sugar)

4 cups water (Boiled tap water is best because it has the minerals that the water kefir grains need for growing strong.) Get more info about water types here.


Put it into the brewing jar and place it in the warmest place in your house for 48 hours. I suggest putting your ferment into your oven with the light on for the first few times you ferment. This will ensure a consistent temperature and help your grains begin to thrive. This step is never fizzy.

If you want less sugar, 72 hours is the longest you should leave your first ferment for before your grains will begin to disintegrate. Remember, you need your brew to still be a bit sweet when you put it into the second ferment so that the CO2 can build.

Second Ferment Recipe


4 cups first ferment

1/2 cup juice of any kind

5-20 pieces of candied ginger

Strain the grains out of the jar and put them back into the jar to start another ferment or put them into the jar, fill it with water and place the jar into the fridge.

This puts the grains into dormancy and they can sit there for up to 3 months until they need to be fed sugar again. (Get grain tips here)

If you want fizz, strain the liquid into the swivel top bottle. (this is where the CO2 builds)

Add about 5-20 pieces of candied ginger into the swivel top bottle and 1/4 cup of any kind of juice.

Place the bottle in a warm spot. Open it after 24 hours. It should let off some air when you open it. If not, leave it sealed for another 24 hours.

Don’t refrigerate until your desired sweetness is reached. It continues to ferment in the sealed bottle. It can stay in the fridge for up to 2 months.

Warning: Be careful when opening the bottle. Warm temperatures make the ferment very volatile and never leave it on the counter for more than 1 day without burping it.


Pineapple juice is the absolute best if you are just getting started along with candied ginger. The sugar gets eaten up by the water kefir and in turn builds the CO2.

On the other hand, pineapple juice makes the drink very volatile in terms of explosions and isn’t suggested once your grains are acclimatized to your water and producing good fizz.

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