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Happy Gut Super Sunshine Pineapple Smoothie

1 c first ferment water kefir
1/4c (5 big chunks) pineapple (fresh or frozen)
1/4 of a cucumber
1/2 med. carrot (can sub for 1/8c PURE carrot juice)
1/2 med. Apple  
1 sprig mint
1 sprig sweet basil
*optional immune boosters: 1T grated ginger, 1/2t tumeric, 2T honey (or vegan alternative)
Blend. Strain if you like a less chunky smoothie.


Happy Gut Water kefir is rich in probiotics, making it the perfect way to maintain gut health, help calm bloating, and improve digestion. It is low in sugar (3-5 grams compared to 42-72g in conventional sodas), fully vegan and gluten free!


A fruit loaded with vitamin C and bromelain, which is an enzyme that helps improve digestion, and also has anti-inflammatory effects. Pineapples are also fairly rich in manganese, B vitamins, folate and fibre, making the pairing with water kefir a supercharged nutritional smoothie! Pineapple adds a burst of  flavor and is readily available in the produce section or the freezer aisle. We love the convenience of fresh-frozen pineapple as it maintains all of its nutrients and flavor, and keeps fresh for months!


This bright yellow, bitter spice is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and the high concentrations of curcumin (which gives tumeric its beautiful, golden color), can also help decrease muscle pain after exercise (another perfect ingredient for spring, when we all want to get outside and play in the sunshine). Fresh tumeric is best (we keep ours in the freezer and grate it into our smoothies and ferments), but you can also use powdered tumeric in smaller quantities as it is more concentrated in flavor. Tumeric is also fantastic for aiding in digestion.


A great booster and fighter. Ginger helps decrease symptoms of nausea, helps reduce inflammation, joint pain, and may also possess cholesterol lowering properties. Ginger has a warm, spicy taste, that is described as peppery with floral notes. It brings out the sweetness of fruits it is paired with, and really enhances vitamin C rich foods like citrus.


Water Kefir is thought to have originated in Mexico in the 1800s, and was used to make a sweetened juice from the prickly pear cactus!


Happy Gut Kefir is simple and quick to make. With our wonderful starter kit, you are guaranteed a successful batch in just 48 hours. 

Purchase our water kefir kit and grains complete combo kit. Find them here.

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