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Water Kefir Home Fermentation Kit-Plus-Grains Combo

(9 customer reviews)


Water kefir home fermentation kit plus grains combo includes everything you need to successfully make a delicious, fizzy, probiotic beverage.

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Water kefir home fermentation kit plus grains combo includes everything you need to successfully make a delicious, fizzy, probiotic beverage.


  • 1/4 cup LIVE water kefir grains
  • brew jar
  • swivel top bottle
  • 3/4 cup organic cane sugar and organic palm sugar
  • 1/2 cup organic candied ginger
  • funnel
  • nylon strainer
  • wooden spoon
  • step-by-step brewing Instructions and videos

Water kefir grains/cultures are a symbiotic relationship between beneficial yeast and bacteria. 100% Natural. Organic. Gluten free. Dairy free.

When it comes to brewing water kefir, nothing matters more than the quality of your water kefir grains. Happy Gut Water Kefir Grains are grown in natural, mineral rich, Kootenay spring water and organic sugars. We ensure the highest quality of plump, rich grains. We guarantee that they will create delicious water kefir on your first brew and therein after.

QUALITY PRODUCTS: All of our kits and grains are hand packaged and quality inspected prior to shipping. We ensure that your kit and grains will be ready to start the minute you receive it. We guarantee that you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor within 48 hours.

EXPERT KNOWLEDGE: Our clear and concise brewing instructions and videos take all the guesswork out of brewing. Feel lost at any point? Our customer support team is here to answer your questions along the way.

GUARANTEED TO GROW: All of our water kefir grains are grown using only natural, mineral rich, Kootenay spring water and organic sugars.

GREAT GIFT: This beautiful kit is sure to be the perfect gift for any water kefir fan in your life. The water kefir grains are placed into dormancy prior to shipping and are shelf stable for up to 3 weeks. So feel free to ship and gift worry free.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 33 cm

9 reviews for Water Kefir Home Fermentation Kit-Plus-Grains Combo

  1. SpaceRace

    The kit was as described, and the instructions were great. Excited to try some of the other recipes now…

  2. Simone Babineau

    Everything we needed to get started was in the Kit. We have even gotten a little creative in our making new flavours. The entire family has made it our go to drink. I love that it is almost like champagne, when we put a little pineapple juice in the mix. Our batch has doubled and we now have a good rotation working, so there is always some ready to enjoy. We really love this product. We were looking for exactly it, and did not want to do pills to improve our gut bacteria. Saw you on Dragons den and purchased right way. Love that you are Canadian! Keep up the great work. We enjoy the newsletters of recipes and reminders and how to’s. We tap our own trees for maple syrup and look forward to adding it to our future batches as well.
    Thanks from Muskoka!!!

  3. Richard Lees

    I appreciate the level of support and information made available through your website and email. Through your support and subtle tweaks I’ve had more success with brewing water kefir. Being diabetic I’m pleased with the happy gut product unlike fermented milk based products which contain a tremendous amount of sugar.

  4. Deborah Bowman

    I was given a home brew kit for Christmas last year. I have been brewing ever since and have had nothing but success! I have experimented with all kinds of flavours in the 9 brews I’ve made including fresh and candied ginger, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and orange. I love having my water kefir in the morning before I start my day. It tastes great and I feel like I’m doing something wonderful for my health. I’m going to be turning 60 this year (gasp!) and being healthy and taking steps to make sure I can protect myself as I get older and age in a positive way is very important to me. If you follow the simple instructions you can’t go wrong! This is a fantastic Canadian product, made with integrity and love. HappyGut please keep up the great work and positive energy! We need it now more than ever!

  5. Margaret McManus

    excellent product and easy to use, and it makes a delicious refreshing drink. Really happy i bought this kit, so many possibilities, bonus that it provides probiotics. I avoid dairy so this is perfect.

  6. Marie-Josee

    I just bought the grains because I’m used to ferment and had all the equipment. I was really impressed with the super quick delivery! I received them the next day I ordered them and I could start fermenting straight away! Thank you!

  7. Kami Williamson

    I received my order quickly and have been really pleased with the products I’m making. Water kefir has a gentle flavour compared to kombucha and everyone in my family is loving it. I did have a few questions about brewing that were quickly answered. I love that there are recipes and tips coming to my inbox regularly. Overall a great company with excellent customer service. I highly reccomend!

  8. Tracey

    Great product. I have had great success cause it is so easy! Not time consuming at all. Kids and hubby love the drinks. Happy that it is a Canadian supplier! ?What Canada makes, makes Canada!?

  9. Beverly

    Terrific product with excellent service and support! My grains-only order arrived two days after ordering and I started brewing the end of that week. Awesome turnaround! Directions are clear and instructional videos super helpful. Key tips: no metal, and mineralize tap water to achieve fizz of 2nd in-bottle ferment. (A pinch of black salt worked for me, available in health food stores or south-asian groceries.) Delicious and refreshing results. Shared with foodie friends who said they’d order at a restaurant if available. It’s that good!

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