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Spiced Winter Water Kefir Sangria Recipe

Leeza Zurwick


Refreshing and wintry, this fruity and spicy winter sangria is full of holiday cheer. So grab a bottle of inexpensive wine (no need to spring for anything fancy) and let’s get creative.


MAKES: 1 drink (8 oz)


4 oz Cranberry Orange Spice Water Kefir

4 oz. red or white wine

3-4 orange slices

1 tbsp. pomegranate seeds

2-3 fresh cranberries (optional)

2-3 slices fresh apple (optional)

light sprinkle ground cloves (optional)

small cinnamon stick (optional)


  • Pour water kefir and wine into glass
  • Add fresh fruit to your taste
  • Sprinkle with cloves
  • Garnish with fruit and a cinnamon stick


We like to mix this up a few hours in advance and allow the fruit to soak up the kefir and wine. Eat the fruit while you enjoy your drink. You’ll love the flavour and your body will enjoy the boost of vitamins.

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