5 Tips To Boost Gut Health During The Holidays

5 Tips To Boost Gut Health During The Holidays

Gut issues intensify around Christmas not only because we are eating foods that we don’t normally eat throughout the rest of the year but also our anxiety levels go up and cause additional gut imbalance, too. I’m the first to admit that my holiday favorites are Turtles, After Eights and egg nog in my coffee. I tried avoiding sugar one Christmas and was very anxious every time I had to be in social situations. I was torturing myself and decided that moderation was a better way to handle Christmas rather than depriving myself.

Here are some tips to give your gut a boost and help you enjoy a holiday that only comes but only once a year.

1. Arm your gut before indulging

Make or purchase water kefir and drink it throughout the day before you go to a party. You need to get hydrated. Salty treats, caffeine and alcohol all wreak havoc on the digestive system. The enzymes in water kefir will prepare your gut for the onslaught of food and drinks and help breakdown the food easier.

2. Have a nutritious breakfast smoothie

Our Cardamom Pear water kefir smoothie is delicious and brimming with LIVE probiotics to boost your gut health. Ferment coconut milk or nut milk with Happy Gut water kefir grains or add some first ferment water kefir to your smoothie in place of milk or juice.

3. Make yourself a coconut yogurt parfait

Water kefir grains can be used to make coconut yogurt that is thick, rich and full of probiotic goodness. Add berries, chia seeds, flax and collagen to start your day with a belly full of goodness.

4. Drink water kefir cocktails

Water kefir cocktails are not only delicious but also nutritious and beneficial. They are a win win when it comes to indulging in libations. Alcoholic drinks are dehydrating but water kefir has electrolytes to keep you from getting dehydrated. It also has enzymes to help break down the food that you will be grazing on throughout the evening. It also has B vitamins to help you stay grounded and live probiotics to flush out all of the bad bacteria. Check out our favorite cocktail recipes here.

5. Overindulged Last Night?

Water kefir is the perfect hangover cure. It is full of enzymes to stabilize your gut, electrolytes to rehydrate your body and live probiotics to flush out all of the bad bacteria causing havoc in there. It genuinely works!

Don’t drink alcohol?

Water kefir is the perfect non alcoholic drink to take to a party. It makes you feel like you are indulging without having a hangover the next day plus you are getting lots of health benefits while you party.

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