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Benefits Of Fermented Coconut Water

Have you ever spent too much time in the sun? Rushed through a busy morning full of meetings? Drank too much the night before? Had a fever? Odds are, you have been dehydrated. It makes us feel lethargic, “spacey” and unfocused. It can also give us headaches, make us dizzy and feel weak. Dehydration occurs when our body eliminates more liquid than it is taking in. By exercising, sweating and frequently urinating, dehydration can sneak up on us quickly. However, before you reach for a sugar-laden Gatorade, let’s break down exactly what your body needs, and fermented coconut water kefir can help keep your body operating at it’s best.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated while having fun in the sun (especially while playing sports) is essential in helping our bodies feel their best and perform optimally. The body depends on water to deliver vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the areas it needs the most. It also keeps our muscles, tissue and bones lubricated so they can move properly. Minerals like sodium and potassium, otherwise known as electrolytes, help our cells properly absorb water, which then deliver all those important nutrients throughout the body. An excellent natural thirst-quencher high in potassium is coconut water, which is found in our Fermented Coconut Water Rehydration Soda recipe.

Benefits Of Water Kefir

Water kefir, in addition to being packed with over 30 billion probiotic strains, can help cool the body and replenish lost minerals because it naturally contains the same electrolytes needed for optimal hydration. It also has enzymes, which help your body digest food better, ensuring a consistent distribution of all the nutrients your body needs, to nourish and repair itself. When the gut is breaking down food properly, your whole body benefits. Healthy blood cells carry nutrients to where they are needed, muscles and tissue are hydrated, and the body functions well and feels its best. Staying hydrated with a naturally fermented, delicious drink like water kefir offers so much more than the typical sports drink that you’ll never go back!

Coconut Water Recipes

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