How to Adjust Water Kefir Grains That Are Cloudy and Smelly

How to Adjust Water Kefir Grains That Are Cloudy and Smelly

Have you ever found your water kefir turning cloudy and a bit stinky? Then your brewing environment is too warm, your yeast has become unbalanced and it’s best not to drink it. But, you can rescue the grains and get them working effectively again.


  • Drain the grains and rinse them in warm water. Wash your jar well.
  • Place the grains back into the jar with plain water. Don’t add sugar. Place the grain jar into the fridge.
  • Leave them in the fridge in dormancy for one week. They need time to reset and get hungry. Change the water out after a few days so that all of the excess yeast from their environment is gone.
  • After resting them, try fermenting again but leave them in a cooler spot. Water kefir grains are little barometers that can sense when the weather is warm and produce much more prolifically in the summer months.


  • Normal brewing water kefir has a fresh light yeasty scent. When the grains are out of balance, they get a smell, like dirt socks or skunk cabbage.
  • If you continue to have cloudy and smelly water kefir, you may have to purchase new grains.
  • It may take longer for the grains to ferment after dormancy but the yeast will stay in check.

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