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Lime Mint Canned Water Kefir - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Lime Mint Canned Water Kefir - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

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Grab your umbrellas… not for rain, for cocktails! Enjoy the refreshing tartness of Lime Mint water kefir to make your day brighter, and your gut happier.

These come in a case of 12 canned drinks. Please note that because this is a live product and not processed soda, the strength of the flavour and fizz may vary per can due to the natural fermentation process of water kefir.

Our October sale is for online shipping only. We ship from October to April as these canned drinks contain live cultures and transport better in cooler weather. We ship these all over Canada and the contiguous US!

Live probiotic soda made with fresh pressed juices. A refreshing drink filled with enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Caffeine, dairy and gluten free. Do not shake, keep refrigerated. Each can is 355 mL / 12 fl oz and has 5g of sugar.

You will receive a case of 12 Lime Mint Canned Water Kefir

Ingredients: water, water kefir culture, cane sugar, fresh mint, lime juice.

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