How to Know When Your Water Kefir has Fermented

How to Know When Your Water Kefir has Fermented

Here’s how you can test the fermentation of your water kefir.

  • Smell it. It should have a lightly yeasty, fermented scent.
  • Remember, the first ferment is never fizzy. The fizz builds in the second ferment when you seal it with the rubber stopper and the C02 builds up.
  • The brewing grains will have bubbles dancing in your first ferment once they have acclimatized to your specific water.

The three key things you need to know about fermenting water kefir:

  1. Your ferment needs to be kept warm. 20 – 25°C (70 – 80°F)
  2. The grains need to get acclimatized to your specific water. This often takes 2-3 rounds of the fermentation process.
  3. For the first few times, do a second ferment using pineapple juice.

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