Afterglow Water Kefir Soda Recipe

Afterglow Water Kefir Soda Recipe

Our proprietary Afterglow infusion offers a mixture of detoxifying herbs including: nettles, dandelion root, lemongrass, peppermint, and dried apple and Afterglow is designed to support and strengthen your body and immune system. All while offering a refreshing, grounding and slightly citrusy flavour perfect for the warmer months.

To read more about our Afterglow Infusion and why it’s so amazing read our blog. Below is our go to recipe using our Afterglow infusion so that you can make a delicious and healthy soda with benefits at home.




  1. Make the first ferment and leave the jar in a warm place for 24-48 hours
  2. Add Afterglow ingredients into a sanitized swivel top jar using a funnel
  3. Strain your grains and add the first ferment to the bottle with the Afterglow infusion
  4. REMEMBER: leaving 1 inch of headspace from the lid
  5. Seal, and gently turn the bottle upside down a few times to mixed in the infusion
  6. Leave the bottle in a warm place for 24 hours for the second ferment
  7. Then refrigerate until well chilled
  8. Open slowly, and enjoy!

When serving this soda with benefits please use a strainer to remove the herbs, just like you would with loose leaf tea!


Using our ready to use and custom infusions is a great way to incorporate the healing properties of herbs and delicious flavours into your water kefir easily and effectively. The health benefits of water kefir abound – probiotics, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. When you add water kefir with the healing benefits of herbs the combination just can’t be beat!

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