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Fermented water kefir is relatively easy and quick to make. There’s a bit of kitchen science required to be successful and we lead you through the process as meticulously as possible.

There are few ingredients—water, sugar and flavourings—but the quality is critical to the success. Temperature, cleanliness and basic equipment are also important. We recommend our starter kit for anyone trying to make water kefir for the first time. In this kit, you’ll find everything you need, in the right proportions for the greatest chance of success.


Step-by-step instructions to ferment your own water kefir.

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The sugar you put into your fermentation isn’t for you, of course, it’s for the cultures. So don’t be tempted to reduce the quantity to make it healthier—it will only cause your ferment to fail. Remember, most of the sugar has been processed out by the time it’s ready to drink.

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Water kefir grains may benefit from water sources with higher mineral content. Well water and spring water can be naturally high in mineral content and are ideal for making kefir.

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